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Drain Tile Radon and Sump Crock Radon Systems

Sump Pump Radon System VS Drain Tile Radon System

Sump crock radon mitigation

Here at Lifetime Radon Solutions, we often get asked how we can run the pipe of a radon system from one end of a house to another. This question is typically asked because; a lot of people believe that a radon mitigation system is run from the sump crock.


Running a Radon System from the Sump Crock

Drawing and mitigating radon gas from a sump crock is a highly effective solution to successfully mitigating radon from your home. The glaring issue seems to be that most sump crock pits are located in the front corner of the home. This presents a problem of aesthetics and threatens to tarnish your home’s curb appeal. Three inch white PVC pipe running up the front of your home probably would look like the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever seen. We'll explain how we overcome this challenge in the paragraphs that follow.

Not all sump crock pits are located in the front of the home. In scenarios where the sump crock is located somewhere in the basement other than the front of the home it becomes a more likely candidate for a potential radon system install. In some instances, running the radon system near the front of the home, on side of the house could be a solution. Moreover, sometimes foliage from a bush or small tree can help to conceal the radon system.

Tapping into the Home's Drain Tile System to Mitigate Radon Gas

Drain Tile Radon SystemSometimes we take for granted that not everyone knows what drain tile is or how it works, or that we can use it to effectively mitigate radon gas.
Most homes have a drain tile system that runs around the perimeter of the basement. The drain tile (by code) is typically found underneath the concrete slab, nine and a half inches out from the block wall. The drain tile empties into the home's sump crock pit and the sump pump, pumps the water back outside.

Because the drain tile system flows into the sump crock pit and spans the perimeter of the entire basement, our radon technicians can tap into the drain tile as a major collection point of radon gas.

The Difference between a Drain Tile Radon System and a Sump Crock Radon System

The biggest difference between running a radon mitigation system from the sump crock or the drain tile really comes down to the placement of the system. Both are great ways to effectively reduce a home's radon levels. By running a radon system from a home's drain tile system; our radon techs often have the opportunity to run the radon system into an attached garage. There are a few advantages to running a radon system into an attached garage. These advantages include a potential cost savings on electrical work, preserving a home's curb appeal and extending the life of the fan.

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