Why Radon Testing in SE Wisconsin?
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Radon is Wisconsin’s Silent Killer

Milwaukee Radon Testing and Mitigation Experts Clear the Air

Health impact of radon on Pewaukee homes is known to cause lung cancerRadon is the leading cause of natural radiation exposure for human beings worldwide. It’s no different in Wisconsin, where the Department of Health Services says in some areas of Southeastern Wisconsin the number of affected homes with risk of elevated radon levels are as high as 60%.

Radon Poses Dangerous Medical Effects

Long-term exposure to radon, like any kind of radiation, will cause dangerous medical side effects. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the industrialized world, behind smoking.

Rn gas has a half-life of less than 3.8 days, over which time it releases radioactive particles. These particles, called “radon daughters”, attach themselves to dust particles in the air, which are then inhaled and embedded deep in the respiratory system. Both radon gas and radon daughters increase your family’s exposure to radiation, and therefore increase the risk of lung cancer.

The EPA and Surgeon General’s office estimate more than 20,000 Americans die every year from lung cancer caused by radon, as many as die from drunk driving collisions and house fires combined.

Smokers at Increased Threat from Radon Exposure

Since radon daughters attach to dust and smoke particles in the air, smokers and their families face an increased risk of lung cancer related to radon exposure. The EPA says radon-related lung cancer occurs 50% to 700% more frequently to smokers compared to non-smokers, depending upon the household levels of radon.

Quitting smoking remains the best way to prevent lung cancer for you and your family. The second best way is by having the Wisconsin radon testing and mitigation professionals install a radon mitigation and venting system in your home.

Wisconsin Radon Gas Mitigation Professionals

Radon is colorless, odorless and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. You are probably breathing radon right now, and you would have no way to tell if your exposure exceeds the EPA’s minimum action levels. Lifetime Radon Solutions provides Southeastern Wisconsin with fast, accurate radon testing results and affordable in-home installation of customized radon mitigation systems.

Just because you can’t see it or smell it doesn’t mean you should ignore the threat of radon. By the time the radioactive effects of radon gas show themselves, it will already be too late.

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