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Sheboygan Radon System

Sheboygan Radon System

Sheboygan Radon Mitigation System 

This home in Sheboygan fit well with a garage style radon mitigation system. We started the piping out of the basement directly from the drain-tile system, ran the piping up the basement wall and through the joist into the garage. Once inside of the garage we installed the radon mitigation fan and continued up the garage wall to vent through the roof. The only visible portion of a garage style radon mitigation system from the exterior is a small vent stack like the one pictured. Most homeowners find this routing option ideal when possible on their home.  

Sheboygan Radon Mitigation Price

Radon mitigation systems will generally fall within the $800-$1500 range. The price for a radon mitigation system is entirely dependent on the construction of your home  Contact us now for a free radon mitigation quote!