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Radon Mitigation Lomira

Radon Mitigation Lomira

Lomira Radon Mitigation System 

At this beautiful home in Lomira WI, the radon mitigation system was run directly out of the drain-tile under the slab to create maximum depressurization. A common misconception in regards to radon mitigation is that the system must run out of the sump crock, this is simply untrue. While the sump crock does provide a good collection point, it is not always the best option with regards to where the system will vent. By sealing the sump crock and subsequently running the radon system directly out of the drain tile in another area of the unfinished basement, the system can be vented in a more aesthetically pleasing area. 

Lomira Radon Mitigation Price

Radon mitigation systems in Lomira will generally fall between $800-$1500. The price for each home is largely dependent on the construction of the property and the preferences of the homeowner.  Contact us now for a free radon mitigation quote!