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Jefferson Radon Mitigation Install

Jefferson Radon Mitigation Install

Jefferson WI Radon Mitigation System 

Potentially deadly levels of radon gas have been detected in many different homes in Jefferson WI. Unfortunately, radon awareness is still fairly low as many homeowners don't perform a radon test until they go to sell. Radon gas is a known carcinogen that specifically causes lung cancer by damaging the lining of the lungs over time. With the installation of a radon mitigation system, fortunately any home with a radon gas issue can be remedied. At this home in Jefferson the homeowners had a radon test result over the EPA action level of 4.0pCI/L/. Post installation retesting was performed and showed radon levels similar to the outdoor average of 0.4pCi/L. 

Jefferson Radon Mitigation Price

Radon mitigation systems will generally fall between $845-$1500 depending on the construction of the home and the needs of the owner.  Contact us now for a free radon mitigation quote!