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Health Effects of Radon in Southeast Wisconsin Communities

Wisconsin Cities at Largest Risk of Radon Exposure

No matter where you live in Wisconsin, radon exposure is a constant threat we live with every day. The health effects of prolonged exposure to radon are well-documented. The US Surgeon General’s Office, EPA and the World Health Organization all recognize radon as one of the greatest naturally-occurring health risks in the world.

Radon is the number-one source of ionizing radiation in the atmosphere affecting human beings.

Cancer caused by radon is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths worldwide every year, including an estimated 20,000 annually in the United States.

Radon is More Dangerous than Living Next to a Nuclear Power Plant

While the EPA has established 4.0 picocuries per liter of air (4.0 pCi/l) as their official “action level” for radon in buildings, there is no safe level of radon exposure. The amount of radiation a person is exposed to at the 4.0 pCi/l level is roughly 10 times the level allowable by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for homes near nuclear power plants.

In fact, a PBS Frontline report in 1997 revealed the people living near the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster in 1979 were exposed to more radiation from radon each day than from the entire reactor core meltdown and aftermath.

Unfortunately, despite the unquestioned risk, most families in Wisconsin don’t even know they’re in danger.

At Lifetime Radon, it is common for us to encounter homes with radon levels of double, triple, even five times or greater above the EPA’s action level.

Southeast Wisconsin Communities with Highest Radon Concentrations

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services tracks which communities throughout the state have the highest frequency of tested locations exceeding the EPA’s action level for indoor radon.

We’ve compiled a list of the communities in south central and Southeast Wisconsin with the greatest concentration of homes which have tested above 4.0 pCi/l of indoor radon, along with the highest recorded levels near each municipality.

Remember, even if your community is not on this list, it doesn’t mean your home is not in danger. Contact Lifetime Radon Solutions today to schedule a radon test today.

Southeast Wisconsin Communities with Most Radon
County Municipality Incorporation Population (est.) Highest Levels
Total Pop. 956,023

Milwaukee City 599,164 78.34 pCi/l
Greenfield City 37,159 35.5 pCi/l
Franklin City 36,310 53.8 pCi/l
Oak Creek City 35,008 100 pCi/l
Hales Corners Village 7,757 110 pCi/l
Total Pop. 393,843

Waukesha City 71,016 90 pCi/l
New Berlin City 39,834 71.4 pCi/l
Sussex Village 10,695 140 pCi/l
Lisbon Township 10,157 120 pCi/l
Hartland Village 9,192 180 pCi/l
Delafield City 7,159 95.1 pCi/l
Okauchee Lake CDP 4,422 20.4 pCi/l
Wales Village 2,564 49 pCi/l
North Prairie Village 2,147 68.7 pCi/l
Eagle Village 1,950 57.4 pCi/l
Palmyra Village 1,781 17.7 pCi/l
Total Pop. 132,739
Menomonee Falls Village 35,924 76.7 pCi/l
Germantown Village 19,749 42.6 pCi/l
Hartford City 14,251 58.7 pCi/l
Richfield Village 11,300 36.1 pCi/l
Jackson Village 6,753 47.5 pCi/l
Slinger Village 5,141 45.8 pCi/l
Total Pop. 362,798
Kenosha City 99,889 72.9 pCi/l
Racine City 78,199 101.3 pCi/l
Mount Pleasant Village 26,244 49.9 pCi/l
Somers Township 9,597 74.9 pCi/l
Sturtevant Village 6,990 74.9 pCi/l
Union Grove Village 4,884 46.4 pCi/l
Total Pop. 144,997
Beaver Dam City 16,291 395 pCi/l
Waupun City 11,330 66.5 pCi/l
Mayville City 5,056 53 pCi/l
Columbus City 5,015 31.8 pCi/l
Horicon City 3,603 29.4 pCi/l
Juneau City 2,718 49.9 pCi/l
Total Pop. 263,684
Janesville City 63,820 220 pCi/l
Delavan City 8,463 52.3 pCi/l
Williams Bay Village 2,599 24.8 pCi/l
Darien Village 1,593 22.1 pCi/l

High Radon Levels are Not the End of the Story

Homes with elevated levels of radon can be helped. Lifetime Radon Solutions is Southeast Wisconsin’s top experts in radon mitigation and remediation for homes and businesses. We create custom-tailored solutions for your home or business.

You can’t afford to ignore radon another day longer.

Call the radon mitigation experts at Lifetime Radon Solutions today to start clearing your home’s air.