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Health Effects of Radon Gas

High Radon Levels Almost as Dangerous as Smoking

Would you smoke cigarettes in front of your kids or newborn child? Of course not, that would be ridiculous and very harmful to your child. It is not well known, but radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer right behind smoking. Letting your family live in a home with high levels of radon is nearly as dangerous as smoking a pack of cigarettes in your home every day.

Radon is a hidden and undetectable gas which seeps into your home through porous material or small leaks in your basement floor. Learn more about the hidden dangers of radon gas. In Southeastern Wisconsin it is known to have very high levels of radon in some areas. It is best for you to get your house checked to keep your family safe.

Feeling Tired? Could be Unhealthy Levels of Radon in Your Home

High levels of radon in your home can result in fatigue. If you feel more tired than usual or get sick more often it could potentially be the radon. When your lungs are compromised your lungs have reduced capacity to oxygenate your body properly. Reduced ability to oxygenate your cells results in a chronically feeling fatigued and tired. It also reduces your ability to sleep well at night which further feeds the negative energy cycle.

We all want ourselves and our families to grow up in the healthiest environment possible. We want to eat healthy foods, get restful sleep, and live in an environment with clean air. Normal air filters will not eliminate or even reduce radon levels. You need a system which eliminates radon from your home.

Our radon removal systems use your sump pump system to safely vent the gas out of your house into the atmosphere. If you don't have a sump pump or need a replacement our technicians have the tools, parts and equipment to install or repair it right on the spot. 

Contact our radon mitigation specialists to setup a test in your home to make sure your family is safe.