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Delafield Radon Testing and Mitigation

The city of Delafield sits beside the Bark River in between two lakes. While it is in a beautiful part of Lake Country, Delafield is also part of Waukesha County—an area known to have above average radon levels. In fact, the red-tinted map image here shows how the entire area is classified as a Zone 1 high-risk area for radon.

Is There Radon In Your Delafield Home?

Delafield WI radon levels mapWithout a doubt, yes. Fact is, radon is in soils everywhere and it makes its way into every home. While the levels of radon we’re exposed to outdoors are more or less negligible—somewhere in the .4 pCi/L range—radon that gets into houses tends to accumulate. Back in the 1980s, the EPA made a determination that radon levels at or above 4 pCi/L indoors is the level at which action should be taken to mitigate the radon.

Around Delafield, we have tested homes that registered as high as 14 pCi/L level. If you live in the Delafield area and are wondering what your home’s radon levels might be like, the only way to know for sure is to have a radon test done. Even if a neighbor next door had a radon test done and it showed levels below the EPA’s 4 pCi/L recommended action level, you cannot assume your house will have the same radon level. The amount of radon entering into two homes sitting side by side can vary greatly.

Radon Testing is Unobtrusive

LIfetime Radon Solutions uses electronic radon testing devicdes.Here is what is involved in having a radon test done: One of our licensed radon testers comes to your home and identifies the area in your home most likely to have the highest radon gas concentration—this is always the basement or a crawl space. He’ll set up two electronic radon testing devices. You’ll need to leave these undisturbed.

During the test period, you should keep your windows closed and only use your entry door when necessary. Also, you’ll need to refrain from using any exhaust fans. If the test is being done during a warm weather month, you should only run air conditioning units that re-circulate interior air. Basically, you want to maintain closed-house conditions as much as possible.

After 48 hours, our technician will return to get the test devices and print out the results. We usually get those results to you the same day we pick up our testing units. It’s that simple.

What If Your Delafield Home Tests High For Radon?

Radon is a radioactive element.If your home tests high for radon levels (anything above 4 pCi/L), we’ll explain how a radon mitigation system could be installed in your home. Usually, these systems make use of the hole in your basement floor where you sump pump is installed. If you don’t have a sump pump, or its location makes it impossible to use, we can drill through the concrete floor in another part of your basement to install the PVC venting pipe.

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is the routing of the exhaust pipe on the outside of the house. We always try to locate this exhaust venting in one of the back corners of the house where it is least obvious. Often, it can be camouflaged by a nearby AC unit or landscaping. Ultimately, however, it will be noticeable along the wall of your house and at your roof line, but having your home’s radon levels drastically reduced outweighs any aesthetic concerns over how the PVC vent pipe looks.

You can see examples of our installation work in our Mitigation System Photo Gallery.

Lifetime Radon Solutions Also Offers Commercial VOC and Radon Mitigation Services

If you run a business in the Delafield area, you may be concerned about the radon levels there, or the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels. The health and well-being of all who spend their days working in your building may be at risk from harmful levels. If you or anyone at your business suffers chronic headaches, watery eyes or fatigue, it could be dangerous VOCs from your office furnishings, carpeting, cleaning compounds or even from gases underneath the soil your building sits on. Lifetime Radon Solutions can test for and treat buildings with high VOC levels and high radon levels.