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The Dangers of High Radon Levels in Milwaukee



If you own a business in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area – or if you reside in the midwestern portion of the United States – you are already no doubt aware of the constant dangers posed by high radon levels. This naturally occurring substance is a health hazard – and mitigation tactics and testing are often needed.

Health Risks of High Radon Levels

The presence of high radon levels – whether in commercial or residential areas – can cause and trigger a number of health hazards. This is due to the radon’s innate radioactivity, which causes the gas to break down and its particles to get trapped in the lungs. Therefore, it is essential you look out for laboured breathing as a symptom of such high levels. High radon levels can also eventually lead to lung tissue damage and eventually lung cancer.

How Does Radon Affect Your Health?

Radon – particularly high levels of radon – tends to break down over time. This particle decay then has a tendency to become trapped in human’s lungs. As a result of this entrapment, high radon levels eventually lead to damaged lung tissue and increased risk for various forms of cancer to crop up. Therefore, it is essential you as a business owner or property manager test your various properties for radon – and if it turns out your property is currently experiencing high levels of radon – install necessary radon mitigation systems to protect the health of all who work and reside within your property.

Radon Risk if you Smoke

As with many health hazards revolving around breathing and the lungs – if the residents/workers in your property have had a history of smoking – their health risks triggered by high radon levels will be even more elevated. This adds to the need for testing kits and radon mitigation systems.

Radon Risk if You’ve Never Smoked

While, obviously, a history of smoking can lead to increased health risks associated with high radon levels, those who have never touched a cigarette or cigar in their lives could also be at risk of these same and other lung complications and conditions. Therefore, safety always must come first. Research radon testing and mitigation systems installation with a professional, accredited company such as Lifetime Radon Solutions today!

What are the Dangers of High Levels of Radon?

High radon levels can often lead to an increased array of health risks – particularly when it comes to breathing and the lungs. As stated previously, these sorts of health risks can occur when radon’s radioactive particles naturally break down and become ensnared within those very human lungs! As you can probably already imagine, these radioactive particles can then in turn damage those lungs and lead to further health complications such as lung-related cancers!

How can I Protect Myself?

In order to combat this rising radon scourge – it is vital you seek out a respectable, accredited, professional company such as Lifetime Radon Solutions right here in Milwaukee! We can help you test for those dangerous levels of elevated radon – and if we discover the levels are at a threatening level – can work to install necessary radon mitigators in and around your commercial and/or residential properties. Don’t hesitate! Please reach out to us today.